Bombay11 Bombay Photos

Bombay, Mumbai, India.


Shoe shiners at VT Station

Manmad Express outside CST (VT) station.

Tin housing in by the railway line

Byculla Station is not crowded in the afternoon.

Cricket match proceeds in Chinchpokli, the hole in the wall is a path for people to cross the train tracks over the garbage dump.

Portable plastic paraphernalia shop in a train.

Sion Station

Housing under the powerlines don't have electricity in Kurla

Road by the railway line near Vikhroli

Housing next to train tracks in Sion.

Kurla as seen from the train

Lady seller working hard on a train.

Boy at the Vidhyavihar platform talking to his dad.

Assorted crowd in CR II class ladies compartment going to VT.

Vidyavihar Station (Vidya=knowledge, Vihar=house) as seen from the train.

Chikko seller's basket in a Central Railway Ladies compartament.