Bombay11 Bombay Photos

Bombay, Mumbai, India.


Boy gets his bath on the road outside
his house, under the peepal tree.
The Matunga road seems to be lined with Peepal tree.
Notice the covered cycle in the patio.

The city is a jungle, you better take care

Saraswati (left) and Sai Baba (right) flank two men window shopping under the peepal tree.

Can you recognise the distinct leaves and profile of this tree (ficus religiosa)?
The figs are eaten only by the sparrow that live in the trees.

Man with bucket on a cycle.
Grand dad sleeps on the road,
with his cycle resting over his head.
His daughter wondering how he can sleep
in the evening din of the traffic.

Big brother fixes the bed with a screwdriver,
while mother (right) goes shopping for the kid (center).
Dad washes the dishes (behind the bed) in Matunga.

And I dream of the rain as it falls upon the leaves - Iron Maiden at Cross Maidan.
When evening falls in Matunga,
She will run to me,
Like whispered dreams,
we believed we catch the rainbow
at Agrawal classes.

- Frank Alvares to Usha at HarGanga Mahal Dadar.

Two sisters climbing the ladder to their small
home on first floor, over the electric box #600,
under the banyan tree in Matunga next to the railway line.

Locked houses in Matunga.

But life's not a wheel,
With chains made of steel

Son of indifferent mother watches a sadhu bless a student of Agrawal classes at Dadar station.
Railway bridge at Dadar, it goes over WR and CR lines, and a house shaded by a peepal tree.
Waiting for the bus, (note that the roads have left hand driving),
and the wheelchair at the vegetable shop on the right.