Bombay11 Bombay Photos

Bombay, Mumbai, India.


Portable Banana shop

Banana shop the fastest food in the East, lady buying curd, man admiring jewellery.
Fruit seller reading the newspaper under a parking sign at Mahim
Old lady at Mahim Store

Mahim Tryst

Hero meets zeno at Mahim Pipal tree.

Pipal tree (Ficus religiosa), a native tree of India,
held sacred by the Buddhists,
who believe that Gautama Buddha received
enlightenment under a Bo tree at Bodh Gaya.

The Bo tree attains great size and age;
the leaves, which hang from long,
flexible petioles, rustle in the
slightest breeze. A single tree
houses a hundred crows in Mumbai.

Temple at Mahim

Mahim crossing

Lady in green at Mahim

Aster Lights at Mahim Church

Crow crossing in Mahim

As the crow flies in Matunga

Dog and Home under the Pipal tree (Ficus Religiosae) at Mahim Bus Station
Mots and the trees
Train in the shade of the gul mohur tree.
Caesalpinia (Yellow Copper Pod) tree dressed in a purple coat
Old Man waiting for Godot by the Train
Ist Class WR
II Class WR
Home is a red signal by the train.
SBI Opera House
Holy Cross at Lamington Road