Bombay11 Bombay Photos

Bombay, Mumbai, India.


To load a handcart on a hot morning

The three scrap dealers are wondering how to keep
the junk wood from falling off their cart
near Ghas Gali, Agripada.

Afternoon siesta under a mobile shop on the footpath at Nagpada. Posted by Hello

Mother bringing her child back from
St. Ignatius High School Sane Guruji Road,
Jacob Circle, Gadge MHRJ
Chowk, Mumbai - 400 011.
SSC Board.
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The secret garden

The hanging garden at corner of Novelty,
in tin cans, oil cans (green plastic pots)
above Ghasitaram shop.

People leaving Qureshi Dairy after lassi. The boy in red is standing at a strange angle defying gravity?

The ice man cometh on a bullock cart

Bullock cart delivering ice to Qureshi Dairy
for making its famous lassi, at Grant Rd,
Novelty for more than 40 years have these
people rushed to quench their thirst on
the sweet lassi.

Housing from 1911 at Novelty.

Taxiwalla at Pannalal Terraces No.1, built in 1911 - so says the sign behind him at Novelty, Grant Road.

Bus #66 opposite Apsara heading to Dadar.